Uttar Pradesh Information Commission

  Shri Jawed Usmani

As Chief Secretary of Uttar Pradesh for over two years, Mr. Usmani headed the governance structure of the largest state of India, monitoring and coordinating the functioning of more than fifty ministries/departments of government and steering the formulation and implementation of policies for the socio-economic development of the state. He provided strategic direction for the conceptualisation and adoption of the “Development Agenda of the State” that included innovative initiatives such as metro rail project, an expressway, Egovernance and IT city. He led the annual planning and budgetary process for the annual budget of the state government, ensuring effective financial management for results and fiscal responsibility. Besides providing leadership to the vast bureaucratic and administrative machinery of the state, he also functioned as the principal advisor to the Chief Minister and the Council of Ministers. Mr. Usmani also led and coordinated the massive administrative arrangements for successfully organising the “Maha-Kumbh” a great Indian religious pilgrimage, known to be the largest ever gathering of humanity in the world. This large-scale successful organization was recognized during his presentation at Harvard University’s South Asia Institute seminar on the subject

Highlights / Achievements

  • Provided strategic direction and conceptualization for the socio-economic development of the state, by identifying the key developmental programs and projects sector-wise in a comprehensive yet focused document titled ‘The Development Agenda of the State’. This initiative has ensured that the developmental efforts of various ministries and agencies of the state government are brought together in an integrated and coherent manner, to achieve optimal results by focusing attention on important programs and by effective monitoring. It has also enabled the government to present its developmental vision in a transparent manner to the media, the civil society and other stakeholders, and to initiate and sustain a dialogue on the issues involved.
  • Coordinated the formulation of the results oriented Annual Plans of the state for the years 2012-13 and 2013-14 and their approval by the Planning Commission of India, enabling the availability of financial resources from the central government as well as from the state’s own resources, to various ministries of the state government to implement development programs and projects over these two years.
  • Coordinated formulation and approval of various policies to achieve economic growth in the state. These included, (a) the State Infrastructure and Industrial Investment Policy, (b) the State Agriculture Development Policy, (c) policies to encourage growth of the dairy and poultry sectors in the state, (d) the State Food Processing Industry Policy, (e) the State Sugar Industry Development Policy, (f) the IT Industry Policy, (g) the Solar Energy Promotion Policy, and (h) the Financial Restructuring Plan for the Power Sector of the state. These policies, effectively implemented, have the potential to turn around Uttar Pradesh on the path towards rapid economic development.
  • Monitored critical programs for social development such as the National Rural Health Mission, the National Rural Employment Guarantee Program and the Education for All Program. Improved the delivery mechanism of key social development schemes such as the village link road construction scheme, rural housing schemes and scholarship schemes for disadvantaged sections of society. Formulated a comprehensive social security scheme, aimed at providing conditional cash transfer through monthly pension to 40 lakh poor families identified and selected after a rigorous process.